Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take center stage and sing your heart out in front of millions of viewers? For some of us, we get to live out such a dream. For those who don’t, we get to watch their dream get crushed, along with millions of other viewers. What bothers me is that even though people know that this season’s contestants in the Idol competition will be forgotten by next year, the media (spurred on by dumbass viewers) insist on making a big issue out of it. On the 30th of September, Tom William’s booting from the idol show was in one of the headlines on yahoo’s homepage, see for yourself:

Epic fail at life - evicted from Idol

Epic fail at life - evicted from Idol

Now what I find really heartbreaking (for myself and my dear readers) is that he even went to Who magazine to bitch about his loss. When asked if he believed that the judging was rigged, he replied with Absolutely, everything is set up for Wes to win. Now to me that sounds like a bona fide case of bitchiness, and someone needs to set things straight to him.

1. Idol contestants will never become more than a D grade celebrity (Kathy Griffin does not deserve to be in this category)

2. They will be forgotten by next season. Ok, well maybe not COMPLETELY forgotten, because Idol always features that Where are they now? segment. But in any case, they will usually go back to their dull, uneventful lives, and pretend that their time on television was somewhat beneficial to the nation.

3. They will also start complaining. Just like that Michael character from I don’t know what season of Big Brother, the moment he got evicted from the house he started up his own blogs and youtube videos to try and get himself back into the house – pathetic! Now I do not wish to see an Idol contestant go through the same thing – believe it or not I do have some compassion in my rotting heart.

My only advice that I can give to someone entering into reality tv, is go for something with money, and none of this worthwhile experience crap. Because at the end of the day the women won’t be rolling in like they used to baby. But if you were on Deal or No Deal and won a good 20K, then hey, even after the fame subsides you can still pay for sex (until the money runs out –  I suggest finding an employment agency or whoring yourself out).

I hope you’ve found my little rant into the world of talent scouting. Until next time.

Eat your ham through a straw.