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Crowe reckoned he was onto a winner when he proposed that rather than pumping $US700 billion into a Wall Street bailout, the government should give all 300 million Americans $US1 million each. He reasoned the $US300 million cost would be but a small fraction of the huge bailout package being pushed by the Bush administration.

” … I was thinking if they wanna stimulate the economy, get people spending, let people look after their … mortgage,” Crowe told US talkshow host Jay Leno.

“I think you take the first 300 million Americans, if that’s the population at this point in time, give everyone a million bucks.”

Crowe won acclaim for portraying a maths genius in A Beautiful Mind. Audience members offered up a round of applause, as the conversation turned to the tax implications of such a windfall.

The mind can change over time - it certainly has for Russ

The mind can change over time - it certainly has for Russ

Don’t give up your day job Russ, certainly not for a position in treasury anyway.

Now I’m no genius, but isn’t the proper mathematical solution $US300 trillion? – or $300,000,000,000,000

So when I subtract $300 million from $300 trillion… I get a heck of a lot more than $700 billion