Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Alright today is the final weekday of school holidays. Tonight I am going out with friends, however before that there is a challenge. A challenge in which no human can reject, an eat off. What the fuck you might think, well yeah, I have no come back. What’s basically going to go down is three guys whom I will call Keisian, Scout and Myself (Waywardarrow) are all going to order the same plate of food, and see who can 1) Finish it and 2) Who can finish it first. Now here is the catch, we are going to be going to Lazy Moes in Oakleigh, known for their giant servings. I can attest to this as my brother took me there last Saturday to have one such plate, which I did not finish… Though it was the second time I had dinner that night. Who will finish this plate? Who will do it the quickest? …BET NOW! (More to follow once I arriv

e at the Arena, Including Images yay)

Ok well we’re at Lazy Moes now

We have each ordered the Moes BBQ, and are now prepping ourselves for the Eat Off. The first Dish Goes to Scout as he will have a slight handicap because of braces. First plate:

Alright and Now all three of us have plates:

And the Eat Off begins!

Alright 10 minutes and Scout is gunning his way through finishing more half the meat on his place, closely followed by Keisian. I am behind the front two taking an even pace, mixing a mouthful of fries to some meat. At this rate I think Scout has the edge over Keisian and me.

The 20 minute mark now, And Scout has almost finished all his meat with Keisian not far behind. Keisian although not eating for almost 20 hours is approaching full stomach capacity. I am still keeping my pace but judging from the plates, am lagging behind these two monsters.

35 minutes in and the game has all changed. Keisian the train has ground to a stop after finishing all his meat, but has a large plateful of fries left. Scout although ahead of Keisian, has also slowed down significantly. His braces seem to be the problem especially with some of the thinner/harder fries. I am still going, but also at a slower pace, however it has proven my technique has worked and I have very little left to finish.

Alright it has just hit the 40 minute mark and we have the winner of this Eat Off… Me, Yay. Scout is still chugging along and Keisian is like a connex train that has broken down.The winner:

At the 50 minute mark Keisian has pulled out conceding defeat and taking third. Scout pushes on to try and finish this monster of a plate. And at the 60 minute mark Scout stops as he has finished all the edible fries. The inedible is given to him as a handicap. As we left Lazy Moes we discovered that the plate Moes BBQ was the largest dish served in the restaurant…

Anyways although this is the end of the Eat Off I just wanted to add that afterwards we went to Mc to meet with others, and somehow you just randomly meet old friends:


wisdom |ˈwizdəm|noun 

the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.
Today I found my first wisdom tooth. It’s not totally out yet, so I cannot claim to be wise. I’d seen it on x-rays before, but feeling it there, in my mouth was weird. I haven’t had any new teeth since I was 10.
In one month and a week I will turn 18, but I can claim, that although I only just discovered this one tooth, that i have some wisdom, if it is only “the quality of experience, knowledge, and good judgement”.  Through out my short life I personally have experienced many things, both happy and sad. The divorce of my parents, fighting with ‘friends’, death, being excluded for one reason or another and being kicked out of home all feature quite heavily in the ‘sad’ camp, and I believe that ‘what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger’ is applicable in all situations.
If my parents had remained together, I would have not had my mother insist on us being thrifty, because my “father doesn’t give us enough money”, I would not have changed my surname, therefore I wouldn’t be the person I am today (technically). Much of my childhood was spent wishing my parents would get back together. I became disillusioned quickly, lost all belief in any higher being, which i had found the year before, when I was taken to church, so I could be baptised, and later go to a catholic school. Neither of which eventuated.
I went to the local high school, where I was teased for being tall. Apparently boys are dickheads until about age 40. That’s wisdom I’ve acquired in my 17.9 years of life. Anyway, that’s for another day. Had these boys not decided that “tree” was an adequate insult to be used incessantly, I would not have felt the need to change schools, and would not have even attempted to go to mac.rob. Consequently, my participation in with the cadets would be nil, and I would not have acquired the myriad of skills that I was taught in the last 3.5 years. I have learnt that gas bottles have a left hand thread, that Robbo is the best person in the world, boys aren’t dickheads all of the time, how to cook minestrone for 100 people singlehandedly, that i can’t multitask (and shouldn’t, especially when knives are involved), I can tie knots, and set up a hutchie (small tent-like structure) singlehandedly, I can pack a truck, interact with people of all ages, which is something that I would’ve struggled to do previously. I can also talk to boys, which I struggled to do all of year 9, and half of year 10. So it’s a pretty good acquisition of wisdom over that period of time.
I’m pretty happy with the developments I’ve made as a person. I’m not sure anyone else noticed the change, as I’m still the same outwardly, but I think differently, so I suppose that’s adequate.
Now to gain knowledge, not wisdom, and blitz my exams so I can study for the next 7 years!
Definitely party town!

You’re on the train/tram/bus, standing up because you don’t want to take a seat you know you’ll eventually feel socially obligated to give up later. As the train/tram/bus stops, other commuters enter all searching for a seat or a place to stand where they can comfortably hold on tight. As a commuter goes to reach for the hand-rail, he or she, grazes/touches your hand.

What do you do!? I’ve seen it so often: both people end up simultaneously moving their hands using the economic rationale that both will end in a less compromising position. I argue that this is a stupid decision. By both deciding to adjust your hand position, the chances of resulting in the initial uncomfortable and awkward situation increases. I’ve also seen this before. Thus, one person should move their hand, and the other should hold their position.

And you know what. If I had my hand on the hand-rail first, they should be the one to move.

This little qualm that I have sounds wildly insignificant and somewhat idiotic, but hear me out. I was presented with the situation above months ago. I held my position but the other commuter continued to graze my hand and it got to the point where the commuter just left their pinkie-finger over my index.

End result: I headbutted her in the face.


( I actually didn’t. But seriously, don’t touch me. Also, if someone opens the train door for you, thank them you tight bastard. And, if you have terrible body odour, do something about it. And don’t touch me.)