Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Now this debate has been going for decades, and PC certainly was in front for many years. But we can see a steady increase in Apple’s Macintosh on the increase and slowly gaining on PC. Currently approximately 8% of the computer market is made of up Mac users, while PC had a decrease of approximately 3%. With apple’s release of sleek, trendier designs such as the new Aluminium iMac and Macbook Pro, a new target market has been appealed to. Apart from looks, the new Intel based Macs come with the ability to Dual boot the Windows OS, and Leopard at the same time – for you non techno geeks, that means you can run microsoft and leopard at the same time. Thus appealing to a younger, more computer orientated, generation.

Now this argument has been brought to a whole new level, and to fill you in on the situation, I bring you a video from Pantless Knights.

Now as you can see, it is a very tough debate. So, “are you a right clicka? or an iBook flippa? Mac or PC, no fight gets bigger. Surf Safari or browse in I.E? Better know what you rep – a Mac or PC.’


Disclaimer: Please do not criticise my rap battle skills. “If you do, I’m gonna bust yo ass with my homie Yahoo!”


A step-by-step guide to stalking people (this is best done when you are within close proximity to your victim every couple of days).

Step 1 – After careful observation, choose a victim.

Step 2 – Create a petition which requires full name, email address and (if you’re up for it) number and home address. It would be helpful if there was a cuase to the petition as I’m sure not many people would openly give away their details for no apparent reason.

Step 3 – If on a train, approach their carriage and ask people to sign your petition before approaching your victim. If on a bus, ask the entire bus. Never ask your victim first or last, somewhere in the middle is good as this creates less suspicion. It is also a good idea if they are within a group of people as they are usually more cooperative that way.

Step 4 – Once they have signed the petition, use their details to find them on MySpace/Facebook/Bebo etc. and add them. If you want to become really intense you could ring them up and let them listen to your breathing.. it’s sure to creep them out!

Step 5 – Say hi after a couple of months or so, maybe even strike up a conversation..

Step 6 – Over those first few months find out any information you can, their friends, family, school etc. Then, when you become friends (or just randoms who talk to each other sometimes) you can slip things into conversation, but be warned! Do it too much and your victim will become seriously freaked out and will stop talking to you forever!

Step 7 – Well that’s really up to you, though if you do anything illegal… we cannot be held accountable.