I make lists.

Whether I follow them or not is another story. I have shopping lists, lists of homework I should do. Lists of things I need to pack, my life is a long list.

I have a list of food that I need to buy.
Sultanas, Jelly, Noodles, Pecans, Walnuts, Shampoo, Toothbrush, =] Smiles.
That is my current shopping list, verbatim.

How does one purchase smiles?

Have I been taking drugs?

The answers to those questions, and so many more will be answered after a short break.

(I hate it when shows do that! There’s nothing I can’t stand more than suspense!)

So. Purchasing smiles.
I suppose it is possible, through the use of humourous books, movies or TV shows, able to be purchased from any leading supermarket or news agency, BUT. Those smiles aren’t guaranteed. You could pay your friends to hang around with you, and make you laugh, but they might be having an off day, and give you more tears than smiles.

So, instead of trying to get smiles, I think I should pass them on.

A smile costs little, but gives so much. is on a bookmark I used to love, and it’s so true.

Smiles are contagious!

Drugs: I would never do drugs, even though my mother got the impression that I will be in a matter of weeks. They don’t bring smiles. They bring Aids, and psychosis.

Re: Ash.
I was planning on publishing a blog today, but I’ve been so busy with the insurmountable amount of practice exams I’ve been allocated, I didn’t get around to scheduling it! (or finishing it)

P.S. Sorry for getting distracted, and changing the topic. I don’t have a very big attention span.