It was reported earlier this week that Narcotics Agents seized methampetamine that had been flavoured using Nestle Nesquik. Now this is obviously a PR disaster – for the drug dealers. But it has made Nestle Nesquik ‘cool’ again, in the eyes of bored, disaffected teenagers (especially for the hard-to-impress 12 to 14 year old demographic). Above all, it’s nice to see drug dealers doing their part to combat childhood obesity.

Now you can’t fight McDonalds with apples and lettuce and tofu wraps. We can only fight fast food with faster, better flavoured drugs. For too long now, the fast food industry have ‘had it their way’, what with the Coca Cola corporation injecting every bottle of coke with a speed bottle, or Dunkin’ Donuts dunking every donut in PCP. The meat industry injecting cows with hormones as if it will make them better football players. Or what about those new, chocolate covered, ecstasy M&Ms. And for decades, Smith’s has fried every potato chip in a deadly combination of oil and LSD.

For too long the food industry has been filling our food with drugs, so it’s understandable that it’s about time that the drug industry began filling our drugs with food. So this is what it has come down to. Food corporations vs Drug dealers. Big Mac, versus Big ‘Smack’ in a battle to the death to win the hearts (literally) and minds, and insatiable apetites of consumers. And so far, the hormone injecting food industry is way in front. But the day someone comes up with the idea of making flavoured marijuana (cigarettes are just not cool), then all bets are off.

By the way, without my chocolate flavoured milk I would be unable to write this blog… and now I’ve run out 😥


See what I mean? They adertise how good it’ll make you feel, but not how bad.

Remember: Don’t get high, off your own supply