Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

‘Life isn’t around forever, because forever never comes.’

I said that.

And it’s true. One day you might walk out of the house, never to return. Then what will you do about all those things you put of doing until ‘later’. Like ringing your grandparents who you haven’t seen in years, or spending more time with friends. That opportunity can be stripped from you at any moment and there is nothing anyone can say or do to give it back. You’re dead. Plain and simple.

Everyone has little things they put off doing, by saying ‘I’ll do it soon’ or ‘Sure, i’ll finish it tomorrow’. But we dont have the time for that! We need to do things now, or in the immediate future because you never know when your time will be up. Tomorrow might not occur and then all those things you have postponed will never happen. Not only would you (if you could think once your dead that is) regret those decisions, but so would those around you. We live for the future but it is time that we all started living for the present. Or else who knows what we could miss out on?

My solution for this problem is easy. DO IT NOW.

NEVER postpone something. NEVER wait to say something. NEVER give away an opportunity based on having time to do it later. NEVER ask for something later. NEVER EVER WAIT FOR LATER.

And that is all… again.



Whenever I see…

– Bus drivers waving to each other (driving past each other on the road)

– Subtle nods between fellow walkers

– Smiles exchanged between two commuters

– People giving up their seats for the pregnant/elderly/incapacitated

– Drivers flashing their lights, warning of a speed camera ahead

– Exchanges between shop attendants and customers, acknowledging the rude nature of another customer

– The index-finger indication of thanks/sorry/go for it/hey between drivers

– And all those other little quirks about society

…it reminds me that the world isn’t such an awful place after all.