Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Now it seems to me that when i talk about how I am very fortunate in having ‘space’, some of it is taken away… Basically my mum being a sort of stereotypical asian mother bought another bed (only a double) for my second room. Little did i know that it was for my brother who was returning home to stay for only one week while his uni exams are on. Now secretly my mum wants my brother to return pernamently.

So what do i lose? A lot of my crap has been moved from my second room to my bedroom and i get much less time on the computer for study as my brother decides that good exam revision is watching an episode of family guy on .

Yeah. Anyways maybe i shouldn’t complain about losing ‘space’. Maybe i should look forward to when my brother leaves again, then i would only have to move a metre to get to my second bed instead of walking ten to my own bedroom…



Pacifists. We all know one. And, admit it, we hate them. Why? They just get on your nerves so much. Well, today I offer you a solution; beat them up.

Why, you ask? Because, they’re not going to resist it, and you can show them the true error of their ways. What’s the worst they can do? Non-violently protest against your physical abuse? “If you hit me one more time, I’m going to sit here and take it!” Teach them how to be proper human beings; beat a pacifist near you today!

I was just wondering as I am sitting at my study desk, how much space does the usual adolescent get when living at home. Does the amount depend on the size of their home? Could a smaller home or the number of siblings they have influence your space? Now the reason I wonder this is my study desk is in my second room. Yes most of you are probable like why am I so gifted enough to have a second room? Well mostly it is because my brother has left home and I have taken his room to dump all my gear in. Thinking about it now I seem to take up a heap of space in my house:

My bed room which consist mostly of the bed (Queen Size ftw)

My second room for cadet gear, clothing, studies without electronic devices, etc:

A little area near the dining table for my archery gear:

The study room which I predominantly use for the computer and making strings as well as doing any homework requiring a computer:

So yeah I seem to take up a lot of space, and I’m pretty sure that if I watched television like most people I would have probable expanded to the living room as well.