After a recent study into mobile web use, it was revealed that a large proportion of iPhone users browse using their iPhone during the afternoon. But most of mobile web browsing and web browsing in general is done at 10PM. So does that mean that iPhone users sleep early? Now I posed this question to my youtube viewers, and here were the replies I got:

compootergal36 said: I use my iPhone mainly for work and during business hours, and when I go home I browse (most likely internet porn because compootergal36 is probably a 36 year old Arkansas male) using my macbook (an attempt of showing off how cool he is because his computer and phone make great fashion accessories).

brwandon said: the same thing. He tried to convince me that he was a businessman using is fag talk. Blah blah blah. And I smited him with my mighty demi-god like powers by removing him from my subscribers list. Here’s one for you, apple is releasing an iFag, that’d work perfectly with your macbook’s pink neoprene sleeve.

As you can see I have no clear explanation as to why the majority of iPhone users switch off internet browsing at night. But, what I have learnt that the average iPhone user is male with a lack of female genitalia present in their lives apart from the ones hiding underneath the layers of fabric. So, obviously they would not use an iPhone to watch internet porn, as it would remove one of their hands for sexual purposes. Now being a more family orientated blog – yeah right – I try to keep this as sensible as possible, BUT the data is clear. iPhone users don’t in fact go to bed early, but merely go to their macbooks to relieve themselves via internet porn.

Introducing the new iFag

Introducing the new iFag

Disclaimer: While my explanation is not in fact true (maybe it is), the data does say that iPhone users switch off at night. I myself love apple products and am patiently awaiting the release of the iFag.