Good evening once again, comrades.

A while ago I found a neat little site called “The Political Compass”, and today I thought I’d share it with you.

The main point of interest about this site is the relatively short political test that you can take, which asks about your opinions on various political, social and economic questions. From your answers, it calculates for you a “political compass”, which shows you where you lie on the economic scale (left-wing or right-wing) and the social scale (libertarian or authoritarian). For example, here’s mine:

Note that your position on the political compass can also be stated in numbers, with your economic position first followed by your social position. For example, mine, shown above, is (-6.2, +0.3).

As you can see, there’s more to it that simply Communism on the far Left and Fascism on the far Right (in fact, it is a myth that Communism and Fascism are opposites – Fascism is actually the opposite of Anarchism, while Communism is the opposite of neo-liberalism). There’s more to politics than the way the economy is managed – there are also social factors, which are taken into account in this graph.

Of course, this test is far from 100% accurate. In fact, it probably only gives you a very rough idea of where you lie politically as you aren’t questioned very extensively. So please don’t take this too seriously – I posted this more as a fun thing with a bit of politics mixed in.

There is also some analysis of how the political compass works, and there are some graphs that show the position of some famous politicians on the other pages of the site. I encourage you to check these out too.

If you’re interested/bored, visit the site at Click on “Take the test” on the left to take the test.

– Ruob.