November 2008

This week has left me sleep deprived (which I can blame daylight savings for, or perhaps the sun), feeling sick and clothing/gender confused. The sudden change of weather in the past week is really doing my head in. Is it summer? Or is it winter? Is it due to climate change? Or just Al Gore screwing around? All these questions, and more, will be answered in today’s blog.

So first thing first: It sucks to be sick during summer. Yeah I’m aware that it’s still spring. At least now I can hide behind a mask of ‘Oh, it’s hayfever, nothing contagious’ instead of me actually coming down with a cold. So while other people are parading around half naked in short shorts and thongs (the things you wear on your feet), I’ve resorted to a diet of lemon juice and Chinese herbal throat medication which looks like green M&M’s but actually contains ingredients of the more sinister kind… mainly ground up bits of tree roots and plants with long, scientific names, like schizonepeta tenuifolia. What is it? Who knows. Another one of life’s little mysteries…

Just when I clear my closet out and dispose of jumpers and other woollen delights, mother nature turns around and decides to dish out a dose of flash floods and hailstorms with ice as big as my head falling out of the sky. That’s right, THE SKY IS FALLING!! Yep, you heard it first. So anyway, it was 35 degrees two weeks ago, and next thing I know, I’m wearing my Corey Worthington-esque furry hood jacket. This needs to be stopped! Not only are furry hood jackets against the law, the weather is fucked! Either that or God is going through a midlife crisis and wants to take it out on us.

Personally, I’m going with the first suggestion.


So apparently they’re making a live-action film of Dragonball.

And most of the actors aren’t even Asian.

My response upon discovering this?

– Ruob.

Je suis tres enneyeux alors je pense ca je suis aller parler avec toi.

Mais, je ne sais pas. Est-ce que nous parlons de? Uhoh.. je suis deja defaut a mon francais.

Maintenant je suis penser ca j’echoue. Gahhh..



Personally, I believe the over-hyped event that is “schoolies” is just that. I don’t see the point of getting drugged or drunk with people who you don’t know, (and are very likely old, and toolies, who want to have their way with you) to me, end of year celebrations should be with the people who made the year worthwhile. I’m going camping with a bunch of mates, and I’m calling it “chillies”, due entirely to the fact that we will be chilling out for a week.

I’m excited.

I booked my train ticket today. It took ages! V-Line tickets are more annoying that Metlink ones. Simple buttons, vs books of timetables. I know which one I’d choose. Anyway, I’ve got to pack (I just wrote this, because no one is writing blogs anymore!). Should be fun. If I’m not back by next Tuesday, then send out a search party!

One of my favourite things to eat are dumplings. Yesterday, I had 3 different types of dumplings at two different meals! It was brilliant.

If we kept the White Australia policy, we would have no dumplings, and I would be sad. Therefore, I believe that racism is bad, and multiculturalism is good.

English food is incredibly boring, and it seems to me that my culinary habits never take the form of traditional english or irish food (the food of my ancestors). Everything that I deem worthy to be cooked is based loosely on Italian, or Asian cuisine. Yes, cuisine of Asia changes dependent on the different regions, but I pretty much make things up. Recipes are for chumps.

On the other hand, cakes and baked goods seem to have originated from Europe (this is based only on my eating), but I did have the most delicious Malaysian biscuit type things the other day. They were brilliant. My best friend’s Mum deems it necessary to feed me yummy food, just to broaden my horizons. I got some awesome ‘biscuits’, which were a loose interpretation of what I believe to be ‘biscuits’. Then again, ‘biscuits’ in the USA are what we call ‘scones’, which is always interesting.

I love food.

That’s pretty much the moral of this story!

Now it’s not that I think criminals are already pretty dam low. But what I find more interesting, is how low they will actually stoop. Let me tell you a little story to fill you in.

So the other day I was just sitting in my room minding my own business (pfft sure – I was actually writing another post for this blog), when all of a sudden my dad comes upstairs and tells me the police are on the phone for me. My first thought was ‘OH SHIT. WHAT HAVE I DONE?’, but then I realised that handing in a science prac report a little late wasn’t crime-worthy. So then my thoughts were ‘OH GOD. WHO DIED?’ Note – this happened all in the few seconds it took my dad to hand me the phone. Anyway once I actually got around to answering the phone, there was a lady on the other end. After asking my permission to ask me a few questions (like I was going to say no) she took all of 10 seconds to tell me that someone had been stealing my identity. But before I could panic terribly, she also informed me of the completely ridiculous reason behind it. This person had stolen my (already lost) train ticket, was trying to pretend they were me as a concession holder to use my half-yearly ticket. WHAT A CHEAPO! Omg it’s a train ticket, what.. $4.00 or so to buy a daily?? So then of course I started to laugh, even if it was ever so quietly, and I must have seemed like the biggest loser to this policewoman.. but oh well.

All I could do in a situation like that.. was laugh!


Shame on you Mr Rees for moving your office underneath a brothel. It was reported earlier today that the NSW premier’s office was situated beneath an alleged illegal brothel, with its front as a massage parlour. This may seem well and good, however, this illegal brothel – and Mr Rees’ office – was in Seven Hills. Hmm, I’m no expert in illegal immigration or running brothels – or finding a good place to put my office – but Seven Hills really isn’t an obvious place to put a brothel. So how then has Mr Rees’ office made such a discovery which has launched an investigation and pending day in Court for the massage parlour. Maybe it was a spot of luck that Mr Rees was feeling ‘stressed out’ and decided to get a massage. Or was it because his administration was complaining about loud noises coming from the floor above.


So what can I say to you Mr Rees? A spot of luck that you discovered this illlegal brothel, or something more sinister?

Until next time, do your homework in the dark

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