Shame on you Mr Rees for moving your office underneath a brothel. It was reported earlier today that the NSW premier’s office was situated beneath an alleged illegal brothel, with its front as a massage parlour. This may seem well and good, however, this illegal brothel – and Mr Rees’ office – was in Seven Hills. Hmm, I’m no expert in illegal immigration or running brothels – or finding a good place to put my office – but Seven Hills really isn’t an obvious place to put a brothel. So how then has Mr Rees’ office made such a discovery which has launched an investigation and pending day in Court for the massage parlour. Maybe it was a spot of luck that Mr Rees was feeling ‘stressed out’ and decided to get a massage. Or was it because his administration was complaining about loud noises coming from the floor above.


So what can I say to you Mr Rees? A spot of luck that you discovered this illlegal brothel, or something more sinister?

Until next time, do your homework in the dark