Personally, I believe the over-hyped event that is “schoolies” is just that. I don’t see the point of getting drugged or drunk with people who you don’t know, (and are very likely old, and toolies, who want to have their way with you) to me, end of year celebrations should be with the people who made the year worthwhile. I’m going camping with a bunch of mates, and I’m calling it “chillies”, due entirely to the fact that we will be chilling out for a week.

I’m excited.

I booked my train ticket today. It took ages! V-Line tickets are more annoying that Metlink ones. Simple buttons, vs books of timetables. I know which one I’d choose. Anyway, I’ve got to pack (I just wrote this, because no one is writing blogs anymore!). Should be fun. If I’m not back by next Tuesday, then send out a search party!