Now dont get me wrong.. christmas is soo much fun. But there are always those negatives.  And because I’m in a really ‘bah humbug’ mood I’m going to list them.

1. Spending all your money on presents and then realising your broke. Oh great. I’m officially broke, no money and I’m smack bang in the middle of dying from exhaustion from traping around this shopping centre for the last four hours.. AND I CAN’T EVEN BUY MYSELF A DRINK.

2. Those dreaded relatives coming over. Sloppy kisses. Do this. Do that. Never-ending hugs. Cheek pinching. ‘Why look how much you’ve grown!’. The fluffy pink teddy they expect you to love even though you are well past the baby stages.

3. Getting up at 4.30 because somebody’s little siblings want to see santa. NO HE DOES NOT BLOODY EXIST. NO I AM NOT GETTING UP TO FIND HIM.

4. Getting up an hour later because they want to open their presents. GO TO FREAKING SLEEP.

5. Having to cook all the food when entertaining family. Or helping cook it, either way. It’s enough to make you hate kitchens for a lifetime.

6. Opening presents and realising you either a) already own it or b) would never ever buy anything relatively similar to it. And then having to pretend like its the best present ever for fear of offending anyone.

etc. etc.

That is all. Bah Humbug.














P.S. None of that is my personal opinion whatsoever. That was merely my attempt at being negative about christmas.. and as you can see I probably failed. Oh and none of those are my experiences. I got the ideas off grumpy old women – a classic show. 😀