MSN = Prime example.

You log on, see who’s online and chat.


We missed a step. Right before the ‘see who’s online’. The groups you have classified your friends as.  Ahh, so now we come to the reason behind this post. I want to see how many possible different groups there are.

I’ll list a few that people I know have. And myself. But that’s not the point. Carry on..

*Online *Offline *Friends *Besties *Enemies *Boys *Girls *Randoms *(Insert School) *(Insert Sport Team) *(Insert Club) *(Insert Country) *Family *Connections *Colleagues *Adults *Kids and etc.

But what I want to find are any of those really wacky ones. Like the ones people have, yet even they can’t answer why they have them. For example, enemies. Unless you plan on having a good old argument with them every now and again, what is the point of having them? No plans to talk to them = bye bye. Yet you will find people have their only little group reserved just for these little men. (Or women. Either one. Or maybe neither.. ooh hadn’t thought of that had you?)

So if anyone out there in the wide world known as earth has one of these wacky groups, please inform me. And of WHY as well. Otherwise you would be depriving me, and any other readers of this blog and that is something you surely dont want to do.

Until then.. ta ta!