Now most of us here will have experienced the unique feeling of commenting something/someone (note I said ‘unique feeling’.. that’s my was of saying if you haven’t commented us already then you should try it xD). And we will all understand that the ‘post’ button is on the left and the ‘cancel’ button on the right. Always you say? Well.. NO. YOU ARE WRONG!

Some complete and utter idiot who obviously did not want me to comment my friends MySpace blog (PLUS I was in the midst of telling her to put the blog on here.. ANSTER! That means you!), decided that putting the ‘cancel’ button on the left of the screen would be a wise idea. I think not! My natural instinct was to just click the left button without reading it.. as I usually do. However imagine my suprise when the blog refreshed itself and my incredibly genius and long comment WAS NOT THERE! Now you’re probably thinking why didnt she just calm down and type it out again? Well you know how jokes aren’t funny the second time? That’s what it was like! How could MySpace expect me to have to relive that moment.. it’s impossible! It wouldn’t sound the same nor would any of my intelligent comments actually sound half smart. And this is all added to the fact that it was an incredibly long comment and I really couldn’t be bothered writing it out again. *hmph* Maybe it is time we boycotted MySpace. Though to me that would just be stupid. Therefore I choose to boycot all MySpace blogs (this one entertains me just enough anyway) and this is a !!WARNING!! to you Tom.. you put that cancel button on the right.. OR ELSE.