So, I standing on my platform, in the spitting rain, pondering my relationship with Connex. Some say that relationships boil down to four things: Commitment, Trust, Communication and eventually, Love. (I’m not sure if ‘some’ actually say this. These are just the ones that best fitted in with what I wanted to write about).

Commitment. I think I’m committed to our relationship. I woke up this morning, bemused to hear that there were major delays on my train line, the Pakenham/Cranbourne Line. I went to the station anyway, more than willing to wait for an available service. The first service came after an obscene amount of minutes, and I don’t think the passengers on them had ever been so ‘intimate’ with that many people before. But I waited for the next one, and when that was similarly full, I kept waiting. Commitment, Connex, commitment. You often say you’re also committed to delivering top-notch services and to continuously improving our rail network. I’ll have to give you this. You’re apparently always fixing or repairing something. I have yet to see any actual evidence of this, but I’ll believe you.

Trust. This is undeniably lacking in our relationship, Connex. I mean, you’re able to trust that each month I will purchase a ticket so I can travel to University and wherever else. But I can’t really trust, you can I? You cancel a lot of my trains. Sure, maybe it’s owing to reasons outside of your control. I can understand this. I’m an understanding person. But each time you do cancel one of my trains, or tell me one of my trains is delayed, I die a little on the inside, and with that, a little bit of the trust that I previously had for you goes with it.

Communication. This is what hurts me the most. All I need to hear is a, ‘Hey Folks, trains are screwed today, this is the reason why, and it will be this long till the next train’. Simple, concise, and to the point (unlike this letter). I don’t care that you ‘apologise’ for any ‘inconvenience’ caused. As long as you’re keeping me informed with what’s going on, I’m happy. But you don’t always do that. It just isn’t good enough. When a train stops in the middle of the tracks, on the off chance the train driver announces the reason why, or even apologises for not knowing the reason, I just want to hug him/her. Hey, I’m easy. But all you do is break my heart.

Love. Let’s be frank…I don’t love you. Sure, I do think some of your ticket inspectors and customer service representatives are far too attractive to be doing what they’re doing, but the train system is not sexy and will never hump my camel. But you love my money, don’t you? Yeah, I can that little grin developing. Don’t hide it.

Maybe I’m just an ignorant and whiny Uni student willing to complain about things when they don’t go right for me. Maybe, I should just suck it up and shut my mouth in the future. But Connex:

I hate you, I will never love you and I don’t want to see you again.

But I will…because I’m using you for your services. That’s right. I’m just using you.