PostSecret is my favourite website in the entire world. The principle is that you write your secret on a postcard sized postcard, but it has to be a real secret that nobody knows. The majority of people decorate them, and so they end up being mini-works of art that release people from their demons. It’s annoying because they don’t keep archives, they publish books instead.

Every time I read PostSecret (every Sunday, when they update the site) I think to myself a) how much I empathise with the secret and b) what my secret is.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of my really close friends know little about my inner thoughts and feelings, but over the last few years, I have bared all to a few people. You may think this is my attempt to bare all to the world, don’t get me wrong, I feel that it’s fine for people to do that, but if the majority of my best friends in the whole entire world have no idea, I’m not going to let people who I barely know into my confidence.
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To me, I sometimes feel like the facade I present to the world is entirely contrary to the thoughts and feelings running through my head. Sometimes it escapes, but people like to believe that you’re making a joke, and yes, I too use sarcasm to hide how ridiculously vulnerable I am.

Sometimes the times I speak in jest, are the times I reveal the most about myself, but no one believes it. People are relentlessly optimistic, and refuse to believe the worst.

Those of you who actually know me shouldn’t start reading into my sarcasm and jokes, because there is a good mix of truth and lies, so you know, I’ve got myself covered.

On another note, I achieved my SWOTVAC/exam period goal of learning all the words to We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel.

Party Town.


Take a look around you, at your friends. To you, are they a mirror image or the total opposite? Are you attracted to those who share the same traits as yourself or is the old saying ‘opposites attract’ more appropriate? Our friends are there throughout our entire life so we need to pick the ‘right’ ones, and 99% of the time it seems that we do. But what exactly makes us drawn towards someone? Well let’s investigate.

Note: Basic facts about each subject have been listed, the list is by no means exhaustive.

Subject A: Likes cooking, traveling and shopping. Not too loud but not afraid to stick up for themselves/outspoken. Loves odd/bright/crazy objects.


=) Best friend: Very loud, constantly traveling. Known for eclectic collection of objects.

=) Other friends: Can be quite loud, like traveling and most do own bright/weird objects around the house.

Partner –

=) Rather quiet, loves good food, traveling and sports.

Conclusion: With friends it seems that Subject A has surrounded themselves with familiar personalities that coincide with their own. Their partner is similar in some aspects, for instance they love cooking and their partner likes good food! It looks like Subject A likes to feel secure with familiar surroundings.

Subject B: Can be loud, very talkative and spontaneous. Loves creativity (cooking, drawing, dancing etc.) and sports also.

Friends –

=) Best friend – Quiet but talkative once known. Loves anything random, funny or plain stupid.

=) Other friends – Personalities vary immensly, some are sporty, some academic. Some are very ‘girly’ whilst others are tom-boys etc. etc.


=) Quiet but not too much. Loves lots of random things and has a close bunch of friends.

Conclusion: Subject B likes variety and that includes opposites. Their friends include familiarity as well as new and different personalities. Their partner is similar a little but also very different at the same time.

MAJOR CONCLUSION: There is probably some scientific report analysing this exact topic with lots of complicated words involved, but this is my simple version which to me makes sense. Our own personalities decide who we are attracted to. This level of attraction felt for certain others can be based upon our uniqueness and individuality. There is no certain ‘boundaries’ or ‘rules’ followed when it comes to this. One loud person may like other loud people the most, whereas another loud person might prefer quiet people. There is nothing known (to me at least) that controls who we like, apart from our personalities. It’s too complicated to explain properly but I hope this helped a little bit.