So apparently they’re making a live-action film of Dragonball.

And most of the actors aren’t even Asian.

My response upon discovering this?

– Ruob.


The new teenage phenomenon that is sweeping across the country, or maybe even the world. Twilight.. the fantasy novel that somehow seems to have entwined itself in everybodies life, but is it really so amazingly brilliant as it’s fans like to describe? After being forced to listen to many debates over whether or not Jacob is hotter than Edward, it seemed only appropriate to read at least one book of the 4-part series. However it seemed like some unseen force was not going to let me do this. All copies of the book that I could possibly lay my hands on were ‘unavailable’.  Every library I visited had them borrowed out, with a reservation list about 2-feet long. Every obsessed fan I knew who had the book had lent them to other interested friends and every ‘good’ book store was trying to force me to pay the full $30 for the book, a price I was NOT willing to pay. Sure, if it was guaranteed that I would love this book without any doubt than yes, I wouldn’t mind paying but seeing as there was some doubt, I’d prefer to use my money on something more worthwhile. So, after contemplating defeat, I managed to bribe a friend to lend me the book when they next got it back, without mentioning it to the rightful borrower. That night I sat down, with about a million expectations rattling around my head and picked up the book hoping it wasn’t going to let me down BIG TIME.

Well I’m quite glad to say that it didn’t. Don’t worry, I’m not about to start some rant on how fantabulous the book is, but I will analyse it just for the sake of it. First, the plot. Basically it’s a love story between a vampire and a human. Of course there are the dramas along the way but I’m not planning on spoiling the plot for anyone so I’ll stop here. Many people seem to think that the plot isn’t very good and that it’s Stephenie Meyer’s talent for writing that makes the book as superb as it is, however I know of some people who disagree with that. In my opinion, the writing compliments the plot and vice-versa. Without one, the other would not be as good as possible. Her unique style of writing fits the genre perfectly and obviously her imagination is just as good. Every minute detail in the book is perfected and everything falls into place later on in the plot. I would definitely recommend it as a good read, though do not get too attached or let it capture you too much because unless you plan to sleep till 1pm the next day, you will be up reading all night.

It’s not on the same level as Harry Potter and I doubt that anything ever will be, with all the hype and fans and movies.. but Twilight is probably going to be as good as you will find. So have a read and enjoy it, but don’t let it get to your head.. keep your sanity!