Now most of us here will have experienced the unique feeling of commenting something/someone (note I said ‘unique feeling’.. that’s my was of saying if you haven’t commented us already then you should try it xD). And we will all understand that the ‘post’ button is on the left and the ‘cancel’ button on the right. Always you say? Well.. NO. YOU ARE WRONG!

Some complete and utter idiot who obviously did not want me to comment my friends MySpace blog (PLUS I was in the midst of telling her to put the blog on here.. ANSTER! That means you!), decided that putting the ‘cancel’ button on the left of the screen would be a wise idea. I think not! My natural instinct was to just click the left button without reading it.. as I usually do. However imagine my suprise when the blog refreshed itself and my incredibly genius and long comment WAS NOT THERE! Now you’re probably thinking why didnt she just calm down and type it out again? Well you know how jokes aren’t funny the second time? That’s what it was like! How could MySpace expect me to have to relive that moment.. it’s impossible! It wouldn’t sound the same nor would any of my intelligent comments actually sound half smart. And this is all added to the fact that it was an incredibly long comment and I really couldn’t be bothered writing it out again. *hmph* Maybe it is time we boycotted MySpace. Though to me that would just be stupid. Therefore I choose to boycot all MySpace blogs (this one entertains me just enough anyway) and this is a !!WARNING!! to you Tom.. you put that cancel button on the right.. OR ELSE.



MSN = Prime example.

You log on, see who’s online and chat.


We missed a step. Right before the ‘see who’s online’. The groups you have classified your friends as.  Ahh, so now we come to the reason behind this post. I want to see how many possible different groups there are.

I’ll list a few that people I know have. And myself. But that’s not the point. Carry on..

*Online *Offline *Friends *Besties *Enemies *Boys *Girls *Randoms *(Insert School) *(Insert Sport Team) *(Insert Club) *(Insert Country) *Family *Connections *Colleagues *Adults *Kids and etc.

But what I want to find are any of those really wacky ones. Like the ones people have, yet even they can’t answer why they have them. For example, enemies. Unless you plan on having a good old argument with them every now and again, what is the point of having them? No plans to talk to them = bye bye. Yet you will find people have their only little group reserved just for these little men. (Or women. Either one. Or maybe neither.. ooh hadn’t thought of that had you?)

So if anyone out there in the wide world known as earth has one of these wacky groups, please inform me. And of WHY as well. Otherwise you would be depriving me, and any other readers of this blog and that is something you surely dont want to do.

Until then.. ta ta!


What I have discovered as a member of this blog.. is that it really really helps to write lists. I have had many great idea’s for blogs during the day, yet when it comes to writing them (usually in the evening) I find that I have completely forgotten them. Very irritating it is, therefore I know that I should write them all down as a list when I think of them, but once again, I procrastinate and don’t. Or I just find that there is no pen or paper around. But don’t worry, I have come up with a solution. As someone who cannot be found too far from her phone, I have decided to resort to technology when it comes to a situation like this. My phone.. a dam good one too, has the ability to write notes in it. Hence, my list of blog topics has started. But for those of you who do not have such modern phones (ahh I just love my phone and it’s uber-coolness), write a message and save it as a draft. And for those of you whose phone’s don’t even do that.. well my solution for that, is: CATCH UP WITH THE MODERN TIMES. Unless your phone is modern and for some unknown reason forbids you from writing draft messages. Which would just be weird.

Once again, I’m saving the blogging world. Or maybe it’s just the fact I know how to use a phone.


After a recent study into mobile web use, it was revealed that a large proportion of iPhone users browse using their iPhone during the afternoon. But most of mobile web browsing and web browsing in general is done at 10PM. So does that mean that iPhone users sleep early? Now I posed this question to my youtube viewers, and here were the replies I got:

compootergal36 said: I use my iPhone mainly for work and during business hours, and when I go home I browse (most likely internet porn because compootergal36 is probably a 36 year old Arkansas male) using my macbook (an attempt of showing off how cool he is because his computer and phone make great fashion accessories).

brwandon said: the same thing. He tried to convince me that he was a businessman using is fag talk. Blah blah blah. And I smited him with my mighty demi-god like powers by removing him from my subscribers list. Here’s one for you, apple is releasing an iFag, that’d work perfectly with your macbook’s pink neoprene sleeve.

As you can see I have no clear explanation as to why the majority of iPhone users switch off internet browsing at night. But, what I have learnt that the average iPhone user is male with a lack of female genitalia present in their lives apart from the ones hiding underneath the layers of fabric. So, obviously they would not use an iPhone to watch internet porn, as it would remove one of their hands for sexual purposes. Now being a more family orientated blog – yeah right – I try to keep this as sensible as possible, BUT the data is clear. iPhone users don’t in fact go to bed early, but merely go to their macbooks to relieve themselves via internet porn.

Introducing the new iFag

Introducing the new iFag

Disclaimer: While my explanation is not in fact true (maybe it is), the data does say that iPhone users switch off at night. I myself love apple products and am patiently awaiting the release of the iFag.

Now I’m sure all of you have gone through the situation where you’ve had to buy a new packet of pens each week because you have run out. How can that be? you may ask, well if some of you are academically fuelled students, you would have paid more attention to the teacher than just staring at Jamie Silver’s breasts, or poking your friend in the face with your pens – then having him throw it out the window (that explains the need for more pens). But as I go to an all-guy school – academically fuelled as well – that is often not the case. You see what we are plagued with is having an excess of unusually crap teachers, and teenagers have turned to their only true friend – the interwebs – to bitch about their angst on If you don’t know about the site, it is basically a forum of where young people from across the globe (sorted by countries) come to rate their teachers from their respective schools.

While the premise of the website is promising – it really isn’t very practical – just like communism. You see, all you’re doing is bitching about your teacher, and that get’s nothing done. Take Bob for example, his english teacher isn’t really English, more Indian or some other Potomac River native. But the point is, the education has become so overloaded with crap students and teachers, that we have resorted to providing English students with non-English teachers. Now explain to me how students are supposed to develop their lateral thinking minds when they aren’t even being taught by the right person – and don’t tell me that a non-english person can teach English, because I know first hand.

it seems that everyone has overlooked the most important thing about school because of this website – it has not only caused the average teenager to be more of a little s***, but also it has removed their lateral thinking ability. Instead of thinking outside the box, it is like drawing a little box inside the big one, and thinking within that frame. Now the problem are the teachers, and bringing this issue up to the education department simply won’t suffice. So my final and only point to all this is really, stop bitching about your teachers. There is really only one solution to this problem:


PS: It also works the same way for praising your teacher – no don’t headbut them – buy them a box of Swiss chocolates, or Belgium.

Now this debate has been going for decades, and PC certainly was in front for many years. But we can see a steady increase in Apple’s Macintosh on the increase and slowly gaining on PC. Currently approximately 8% of the computer market is made of up Mac users, while PC had a decrease of approximately 3%. With apple’s release of sleek, trendier designs such as the new Aluminium iMac and Macbook Pro, a new target market has been appealed to. Apart from looks, the new Intel based Macs come with the ability to Dual boot the Windows OS, and Leopard at the same time – for you non techno geeks, that means you can run microsoft and leopard at the same time. Thus appealing to a younger, more computer orientated, generation.

Now this argument has been brought to a whole new level, and to fill you in on the situation, I bring you a video from Pantless Knights.

Now as you can see, it is a very tough debate. So, “are you a right clicka? or an iBook flippa? Mac or PC, no fight gets bigger. Surf Safari or browse in I.E? Better know what you rep – a Mac or PC.’


Disclaimer: Please do not criticise my rap battle skills. “If you do, I’m gonna bust yo ass with my homie Yahoo!”

Dobry vecher, comrades.

Normally in the rare cases that I write more than one sentence at a time on the internet, I’ll do it with either the aim of slapping you in the face with my Left-wing political views or slapping you in the face with the fact that extreme metal music is a superior artform. Instead I’ll leave that to my own newly-created blog, Black Metal Socialism, and I’ll start off on this blog with something more digestable and less irritating.

Webcomics are a great form of art. Of course, most of them are unfunny and unoriginal pieces of shit that are so pathetically bad that they’re good, but occasionally (rarely, should I say) we get those ones that are pure comedic gold. With that said, today I’d like to introduce you to the second greatest webcomic series on the internets (the greatest one may be deemed too disturbing and offensive to many and I’m not sure whether it’s in my best interests to post the link to such an abomination on a public blog such as this). Known as Anomaly and the main series featured on the site Hyper Death Babies, which also contains other slightly less brilliant webcomics by the same author, I highly recommend you pay a visit to the site for a good laugh. That’s what I did and I laughed my arse off. And I don’t laugh very much. So unless I have a very backwards sense of humour, which is actually probable, I’d say it’s a good indication of the comic’s comedic value.

Here’s an example of some of the cutting edge humour which characterizes this series:


I don’t think it’s updating daily anymore (which is a shame), but enjoy the existing ones anyway. There’s plenty.

Have a visit at:

– Ruob.

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