So last year was shit for me, one of the worst years I can remember (the others I’ve repressed). I have 9GBs of music on my computer, yet I can’t find anything to listen to that doesn’t remind me of a shit point in time.

The entire year was shit. The first six months I missed my best friend in the entire world. The last six months was focussed on the fact that I hadn’t studied, and really should have, but couldn’t really be bothered, and that my best friend still wasn’t there.

So everything reminds me of either missing her, or getting really upset about school, but she’s returned, so I’m happy. Now there is nothing within my entire music library to share that sentiment. Even if you were to believe that the song was actually quite a happy one, the fact is that I listened to them, to try and make me happy, but it often didn’t work.

I’m so happy now. Everything is just perfect. But talk to me on the 15th, and it may be a different story.

I think I should run away and join the circus, (no really, I’d love to be a clown.)

Life is annoying. Nothing is ever right.

All I do is complain, but there are so many people out there who are in a much worse situation, who don’t complain. I feel mean, and inconsiderate.

Peace out.


So aside from my very bad pun (my dad found it quite clever!), Barack Obama presents the world with a last bastion of hope for the US’ last 8 years of ‘failure’. Now some of my friends will be reading this, and will be wondering – hey, isn’t Nam a right wing, rascist, white conservative wannabe? – and the answer is: No, he is not. Now I’m just simply an idealist pragmatist – if that makes sense. But aside from that, once the hysteria of having a black president dies down, reality will set.

This election was different in the last few months. We’ve seen several things on both campaign’s agenda, including the War in Iraq. It is amazing to note the effects of these campaigns: Pensylvania is a swinging state, primarily Roman Catholic, and abortion was a big issue in 2004. This year, none of those civil liberties issues were a dominant factor in this year’s election; the economy was the final push in determining the President elect.

So what effect does that have for Australia? Now some radical republicans, including my African American friend ADL (yes, he really is black – no offense) believes that Obama’s heading in a isolationist direction. Now the last time they had that, there were two world wars. That may be an extreme way of looking at things, but it certainly has its effects on Australia’s economy. I have no doubts that Australia can pull itself through this recession, Australia always does, but Obama will have to worry about the current housing problems and high unemployment in some parts of the US – part of his election promises. That leaves Australia out, and to be honest, we’re not a big player, a good friend nonetheless.

Now I find it somewhat bewildering at how Australians have not come to realise this reality, that we will not enjoy the boost we had to our economy in the last 8 years during the Bush administration, and I doubt that the AUD will reach 97 USD any time soon. But we must remember, that although he is a black US president, he is a president nonetheless, and it does have an effect on our economy. Now as an idealist, I love the idea of having a black president, and being Vietnamese, that’s not too far from having an Asian president (fingers crossed). But just remember, to analyse the dramatic effect that the US has on Australia – and anyone who says that we can rely on China is a fool, the US provides the world direction.

DISCLAIMER: If you have not already realised, this is a serious post.