So last year was shit for me, one of the worst years I can remember (the others I’ve repressed). I have 9GBs of music on my computer, yet I can’t find anything to listen to that doesn’t remind me of a shit point in time.

The entire year was shit. The first six months I missed my best friend in the entire world. The last six months was focussed on the fact that I hadn’t studied, and really should have, but couldn’t really be bothered, and that my best friend still wasn’t there.

So everything reminds me of either missing her, or getting really upset about school, but she’s returned, so I’m happy. Now there is nothing within my entire music library to share that sentiment. Even if you were to believe that the song was actually quite a happy one, the fact is that I listened to them, to try and make me happy, but it often didn’t work.

I’m so happy now. Everything is just perfect. But talk to me on the 15th, and it may be a different story.

I think I should run away and join the circus, (no really, I’d love to be a clown.)

Life is annoying. Nothing is ever right.

All I do is complain, but there are so many people out there who are in a much worse situation, who don’t complain. I feel mean, and inconsiderate.

Peace out.


Good day, comrades.

Inspired by that other funny song titles post, I decided to compile my own little list considering how much of a music junkie I am. These songs will be closer to my type of music though, which is, of course, vastly superior to the mainstream crap you infidels listen to.

Song titles (Artist – Song title):
Aeon – God Gives Head In Heaven
Anaal Nathrakh – Between Shit And Piss We Are Born
Azaghal – Kohti Uuden Aikakauden Alkua (Ahaha, those crazy Finns and their crazy language)
Belphegor – Bondage Goat Zombie
Birds Of Prey – Mangled By Mongoloids/Ripped Apart By The Retarded
Birds Of Prey – Buttfucked With A Shotgun Barrel
Cock And Ball Torture – Kamikaze Incest
Cock And Ball Torture – Supreme Genital Goddess
Demilich – And The Slimy Flying Creatures Reproduce In Your Brains
Deströyer 666 – Australian And Anti-Christ
Devourment – Anal Electrocution
Devourment – Fuck Her Head Off
Devourment – Molesting The Decapitated (All of Devourment’s song titles are in the same vein as those mentioned, so I won’t mention any more. Oh, and wait until you see their lyrics)
Dying Fetus – Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog
Flesh – I Masturbate To Jesus Christ
Gorerotted – Fuck Your Arse With Broken Glass
Nargaroth – Erik, May You Rape The Angels
Weakling – No One Can Be Called As A Man While He’ll Die (Note the lack of English grammar skills from an American band)

Hahaha, wasn’t that list simply hilarious and delightful?

Hope you enjoyed another politically incorrect post brought to you by…
– Ruob.