Now I’m sure all of you have gone through the situation where you’ve had to buy a new packet of pens each week because you have run out. How can that be? you may ask, well if some of you are academically fuelled students, you would have paid more attention to the teacher than just staring at Jamie Silver’s breasts, or poking your friend in the face with your pens – then having him throw it out the window (that explains the need for more pens). But as I go to an all-guy school – academically fuelled as well – that is often not the case. You see what we are plagued with is having an excess of unusually crap teachers, and teenagers have turned to their only true friend – the interwebs – to bitch about their angst on If you don’t know about the site, it is basically a forum of where young people from across the globe (sorted by countries) come to rate their teachers from their respective schools.

While the premise of the website is promising – it really isn’t very practical – just like communism. You see, all you’re doing is bitching about your teacher, and that get’s nothing done. Take Bob for example, his english teacher isn’t really English, more Indian or some other Potomac River native. But the point is, the education has become so overloaded with crap students and teachers, that we have resorted to providing English students with non-English teachers. Now explain to me how students are supposed to develop their lateral thinking minds when they aren’t even being taught by the right person – and don’t tell me that a non-english person can teach English, because I know first hand.

it seems that everyone has overlooked the most important thing about school because of this website – it has not only caused the average teenager to be more of a little s***, but also it has removed their lateral thinking ability. Instead of thinking outside the box, it is like drawing a little box inside the big one, and thinking within that frame. Now the problem are the teachers, and bringing this issue up to the education department simply won’t suffice. So my final and only point to all this is really, stop bitching about your teachers. There is really only one solution to this problem:


PS: It also works the same way for praising your teacher – no don’t headbut them – buy them a box of Swiss chocolates, or Belgium.